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At Planet Bingo, we offer membership in our Power Play Club to Vancouver and the surrounding areas. As a Power Player, you get to enjoy all of the rewards and benefits that come along with being a member!

  • Earn 10 points every two hours of play, which you can redeem for Bingo Bucks and other great items!
  • Contests exclusive to Power Players!
  • Watch for Bonus Point Days to earn even more Points!
  • Eligible for a Parking Pass, enabling you to park in our private parking lot.

Here’s how it works:


Pick up an application at the first-floor cash cage. within 3-5 business days or the soonest available opportunity!

Once you have the card, flip it over and take note of the barcode and the number below it. That number is your Power Player membership number.


Scan your Power Player Cards at scanners located at the cash cages.

Every two hours of play at Planet Bingo entitles you to one scan of your card and 10 points. To scan your card, simply place it face down (barcode up) under the laser gun – place it so that the flashing red laser beam crosses the barcode. You will know the card’s been successfully scanned when you hear a beep.

On the screen, you will see your name, your point total, the current time and the time at which you can next scan (two hours from that point).

The Value of Bingo Points:

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