House Rules

Before you drop-in to Planet Bingo, take a moment to read our house rules.

  • Dabbers must be used for marking paper bingo cards. If you are playing an electronic screen, you must touch the screen to have the numbers register.


  • In the case of a paper bingo, you must yell ‘BINGO’ loudly enough to stop the game. In electronic bingo you must lock in all your numbers by touching either the ‘Easy Dab’ button or bingo card itself, in order for the bingo to automatically register if it is a winning card. If the win is not acknowledged it is the player’s responsibility to notify staff immediately prior to another number being called. No bingo, paper or electronic, will be honored once the caller closes the game after the ‘third and final call’.


  • No bingo will be accepted after the game has been closed. Any dispute with respect to the outcome of a game, the payment of a prize, or the procedures followed will be resolved according to BCLC Rules and Regulations respecting bingo games, BCLC approved Bingo Game Conditions, BCLC Bingo Standards, Policies and Procedures and these House Rules.


  • The prize board is subject to the attendance of all floors and all government rules and regulations pertaining to gaming. In the event of a canceled electronic game, the prize payout for the paper bingo game is subject to change.


  • As the gaming facility premises are age restricted, proof of age identification may be requested from any patron at any time.


  • In the event of multiple winners of the cash prize, the prize shall be shared evenly amongst all winners. Prizes will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. In the case of double or triple wins the regular prize will be determined first by the number of winners then the double and triple increment paid.


  • Prizes must be accepted as awarded.


  • Rules and game conditions for all specials, progressives, accumulators, bonus and merchandise games, contests and draws are available at the sales counter, customer service area or other area designated by the facility for viewing by the public at any time.


  • A number must be verbally called in order for it to be valid. Bingo flashboards and monitors are merely aids.


  • Prize money will not be paid for any bingo declared on a defaced, mutilated, or invalid paper card. Cutting, splitting, sharing, separating, defacing, or altering of cards is not permitted and will cause them to be void. Accidentally damaged cards must be reported to staff immediately.


  • The bingo blower machine will not be turned off until a bingo has been verified.


  • The official record of the numbers called is determined by the balls in the tray and recorded on the computer system.


  • Booklets will not be sold after completion of 50% of the booklet or the first scheduled intermission following commencement of the games in the booklet, whichever comes first.


  • Bingo cards will only be sold in sequential order and will not be sold after a game has commenced. Cards not in play must be placed face down or they will be considered in play.


  • Cards purchased for a game must be played on that game or forfeited. No refunds will be given for cards not played, cards played out of order, or cards played in error. Prizes will only be paid if the bingo card, series, and audit numbers are consistent with paper sold during that session.


  • No alcohol or illegal substances are allowed on the premises of Planet Bingo. No one appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be served anywhere in the gaming facility.


  • Please look after your valuables. Planet Bingo will not be responsible for loss of property or personal injury.


  • A player may open only one account and one terminal at any time. Your terminal may be reassigned at management’s discretion if left unoccupied for 15 minutes or more.


  • An open account is valid for that day only and accounts must be cashed out by the close of the day.


  • No entry by anyone into unauthorized areas.


  • Parking regulations pertaining to the parking lot at the back/west of the building are at the discretion of management. Parking in that lot is prohibited unless you are playing bingo at Planet Bingo or are attending to business within the offices of Planet Bingo.


  • Cash substitutions will not be made for merchandise prizes unless specifically stated in Contest Conditions.


  • Decisions made by the Service Provider pertaining to Rules of Conduct or gaming are final.


  • Electronic bingo players can buy paper cards.


  • Money may not be lent or borrowed in or on facility property. There is no peddling, soliciting, or picture taking permitted.


  • Cheating at play, disruptive behavior, or thefts will not be tolerated and will be reported immediately to the authorities.


  • Staff and/or volunteers are not permitted to solicit or accept tips.


  • Management reserves the right to:
    • Modify, postpone, or cancel any session
    • Ban any player
    • Refuse service for appropriate reasons
    • Use discretion on all issues pertaining to house rules

Player’s Responsibility

It is the player’s responsibility to:


  • Recognize a winning combination and to call ‘BINGO’ loud enough to be heard by the caller or a representative thereof, and/or to verify an electronic ‘BINGO’ by touching the screen.


  • Retain cash register receipt (where issued) as proof of entry, booklet purchase, and/or, retain numbered receipt for bonus bingo game purchase.


  • Immediately inform Gaming Centre staff if they are experiencing problems with gaming equipment or electronic bingo terminals.


  • Verify the value of prizes at the time of payment and sign for receipt of the prize(s).


  • Participate, if and when requested, as a neutral witness in the verification of another player’s winning bingo card.


  • Produce government issued picture identification upon request.


  • Where requested, sign the winning bingo card and relinquish the winning bingo card to BCLC or to the Service Provider.


  • Cheating at play, disruptive behavior, and thefts will not be tolerated and will be reported immediately to the authorities.

Staff Playing Bingo

A registered gaming worker cannot participate in lottery schemes or eGaming at their place of employment or at any gaming facility at which his or her employer provides gaming services, including but not limited to:


  • Purchasing, playing or validating any BCLC lottery game.


  • Play a slot machine, table game or electronic gaming device.


  • Playing any form of bingo.


  • Playing BCLC eGaming at your place of employment.


  • Staff will abide by BCLC policy in the matter of play at work and are prohibited from playing any players’ bingo cards.


  • Immediate family members or players residing at the same residences/address as a staff member will not be eligible to participate in any promotions sponsored by BCLC or this service provider.


  • Employees are prohibited from participating in any Service Provider sponsored VIP Loyalty Program in British Columbia.


  • Bingo gaming is governed by the Criminal Code of Canada, Rules and Regulations respecting lottery and gaming of BCLC, BCLC Standards, Policy and Procedures and the Gaming Control Act.

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